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November 11, 2021

Can Home Security Signs Deter Intrusion In Long Island?

There's a general idea that putting security yard sign next to your primary entry is all that is needed to safeguard your property. Essentially, an intruder is expected to see visible warning and go on past. With this in mind, could you just have a home security sign in Long Island and forget about an actual home security system? Frankly, some think that a security system isn’t needed, just get a home security sign in Long Island. It’s the home security sign that deters intrusion in Long Island instead of your alarm system.

Although there is a benefit to showcasing signage from prominent security companies like ADT®, it isn't enough to discourage every intruder. You’ll be in a much better position backing them up with a range of additional security components. It seems like a safer alternative than taking the chance that your home security signs will deter intrusion in Long Island.

Reinforce Your Long Island Home Security Signs With Integrated Security Components

Even though home security signs may deter intrusion at times, you shouldn’t depend on them as your only form of protection. Alternatively, you should try using a combination of the following solutions:

● Video surveillance: To be honest, no burglar wants to be recorded on video as it could be submitted in a criminal case. Go with an outdoor camera system that can cover typical access points including front door, back door, garage, and windows.

● Window and door sensors: The majority of invaders will enter via obvious entry points like windows and doors, so those should be protected by detection equipment like motion and glass break sensors. When a sensor is activated, your system will alert you and your around-the-clock monitoring team.

● Exterior motion-sensor lights: Even though it’s the truth that numerous robberies happen during the day when you are at the office, you must also have a plan to safeguard against thieves who prefer the cover of darkness. Motion-detection lighting installed next to your windows, doors, and garage will quickly illuminate criminal activity and frighten off unwanted guests.

● Smart entry locks and doorbell cameras: Smart locks will inform you when anyone attempts to unlock your door. A doorbell video component adds another layer of security by providing real-time footage. These popular tools both can be managed through your mobile security app.

● Smart lights: A worthwhile home automation tool, smart lights can be customized to a schedule or activated right from your phone. These innovative gadgets make it appear that you are home and successfully turn away thieves.

Get Started On Your Complete Home Defense Plan

Why take the chance that dummy home security signs will deter intrusion in Long Island when you have the opportunity to implement an integrated home defense package? Call (631) 213-3528 or complete the following form to consult with one of our specialists. You are able to pick from a range of packages at affordable monthly rates or customize your system any way you like.